Battle of Botora (Georgian: ბოტორის ბრძოლა) was fought between the armies of the Kingdom of Georgia and the Seljuk Empire on February 14, 1120.

Battle of Botora
Part of the Georgian–Seljuk wars
DateFebruary 14, 1120
Result Georgian victory
 Kingdom of Georgia Seljuk Empire
Commanders and leaders
David IV Unknown

Background edit

In February 1116 by the order of the king, the army of Kartli and Meskhetians were gathered at Klarjeti, David IV suddenly attacked and destroyed the Turks in Tao ("fell unexpectedly upon the unsuspecting Turks").[1] In 1118 David heard from Nakhiduri the story of the Seljuks invasion of Javakheti and killing of Beshken Jaqeli. The king, despite the opposition of some nobles, set off with his army and defeated the Seljuks in Rakhsi.[2]

Battle edit

In February 1120, David the Builder first moved to Geguti, and from there to Khupati. The Seljuks found out how far it was, they camped at Botora. On February 14, David attacked the Seljuks and completely destroyed them. In the battle the Georgians captured many opponents and gained a lot of booty.[3]

Aftermath edit

In November 1120, David's army attacked and defeated the Seljuks in Arsharunik and Sevgelamej, And in 1121 he did the same in Khunan. In June 1121, David with the Kipchaks raided the camped Seljuks in Barda. In all these episodes the camp was destroyed meaning that the Georgian army managed to secretly approach it and perform a surprise attack.[3]

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