Batería de la Reina

Batería de la de la Reina, built between 1856 and 1861, was a colonial military defense fortress that had accommodations for a garrison of 250 men and 44 pieces of artillery. It was demolished in 1901. Its site was in the esplanade that today occupies the Antonio Maceo park.[1] The fort was a semi-circular building with a 44-gun battery facing the sea. Its fires intersected with those of the Santa Clara Battery and the “Castillo de la Punta”.[1]

Batería de la Reina
Bateria de la Reina. Havana, Cuba.jpg
Batería de la Reina
General information
TypeDefensive structure
Architectural styleFortress
LocationNext to Caleta de San Lazaro
Town or cityHavana
Coordinates23°08′31″N 82°22′17″W / 23.141832°N 82.371513°W / 23.141832; -82.371513Coordinates: 23°08′31″N 82°22′17″W / 23.141832°N 82.371513°W / 23.141832; -82.371513
Groundbreakingca. 1856
Estimated completion1661
Destroyedca. 1900
Diameter100 metres (330 ft)
Technical details
Structural systemLoad bearing
Floor count1
Known for44 pieces of artillery
Batería de La Reina.1 demolition, 1900
Showing the coral stone quarry adjacent to the Espada Cemetery in the Barrio de San Lázaro.


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