Basque ring rosary

A Basque ring rosary (in Basque : Euskal arrosarioa) is a typical Basque rosary.

Traditional Basque rosaryEdit

The rosary is a circular wooden piece, 4 cm in diameter with a hole in the middle to introduce a finger. Like all rosaries, its aim is to enable a faithful of the Catholic Church to count the number of recited prayers.

At the top is a cross (typically with 4 branches of the same size) symbolizing the prayer Our Father. On the periphery, 10 small spheres equally distributed symbolize the Hail Mary.

The user places a finger in the opening at the center and puts his thumb on the cross at the top. They recite an Our Father, then moves their thumb onto the first small sphere. They recite as many Hail Marys as they wish, advancing one bead after each prayer.

Basque rosary in jewelryEdit

Basque Rosary jewel.

The Basque rosary is a simple piece of jewelry, gold or silver, 1 to 4 cm diameter. Worn with a little chain around the neck. The central opening is then often replaced by a little figure like the Basque cross Lauburu.

It is sometimes adorned with a slogan such as Ongi ene gogoa (= "[Doing] good [is] my wish/mind").

Other ring rosariesEdit

A rosary of Russian origin

Other cultures have also used ring rosaries, especially in cases of religious persecutions against Catholics. These rosaries are small and can be easily hidden. An example is the Irish penal rosary also with 10 beads. However, they were also sometimes worn for protection and adornment at times when Catholicism was not persecuted, as it would be more difficult to break or wear down a rosary ring, rather than a traditional rosary threaded onto a string.[1]


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