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Baseball at the 2000 Summer Olympics

Baseball at the 2000 Summer Olympics was the third time an Olympic baseball tournament had been held as a full medal sport, and the ninth time it had been part of the Summer Olympic Games in any capacity. It was held in Sydney, Australia from 17 September through to the bronze and gold medal games on 27 September. Two venues were used for the Games: the Sydney Baseball Stadium and Blacktown Olympic Park. For the first time in Olympic competition, professional baseball players were eligible to participate, though no active players from Major League Baseball were available.[1]

at the Games of the XXVII Olympiad
VenuesSydney Baseball Stadium
Blacktown Olympic Park
Dates17–27 September
1st, gold medalist(s)  United States
2nd, silver medalist(s)  Cuba
3rd, bronze medalist(s)  South Korea
← 1996
2004 →

The United States won the gold medal by defeating Cuba 4–0.[2] Since becoming a medal sport, it was the first time Cuba had not won the gold medal. The gold medal game was also only the second game Cuba had lost in Olympic baseball, having lost to the Netherlands earlier in the tournament.[1] South Korea won their first Olympic baseball medal, beating Japan in the bronze medal match 3–1.[2]



The main tournament featured eight teams. These teams were selected from a series of continental qualifying tournaments, with the exception of Australia who qualified automatically as hosts. As had been the case at the 1996 Games in Atlanta, two teams each qualified from the Americas via the 1999 Pan American Games, Asia via the 1999 Asian Baseball Championship, and Europe via the 1999 European Baseball Championship. The final spot went to the winner of a deciding series between the African and Oceania champions, as determined by the 1999 All-Africa Games and the 1999 Oceania Baseball Championship respectively. This playoff was won by South Africa, who swept Guam in a best-of-five series in Johannesburg in December 1999.

The eight teams met in a round-robin series, facing each other once. The top four teams from this then met in the finals, with the first and fourth placed teams playing against each other in one semi final, and the second and third placed teams in the other. The losers of these semi finals competed in the bronze medal game, while the winners met in the gold medal game.[1]



Preliminary roundEdit

Qualified for the final round
Team W L PCT Tiebreaker
(Head–to–head record)
  Cuba 6 1 .857 1–0
  United States 6 1 .857 0–1
  South Korea 4 3 .571 1–0
  Japan 4 3 .571 0–1
  Netherlands 3 4 .429
  Italy 2 5 .286 1–0
  Australia 2 5 .286 0–1
  South Africa 1 6 .143
17 September Cuba   16 – 0 (F/7)   South Africa Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,082
17 September United States   4 – 2 (F/13)   Japan Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,404
17 September Italy   2–10   South Korea Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 2,951
17 September Australia   4–6   Netherlands Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,762

18 September Cuba   13–5   Italy Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 2,424
18 September South Korea   3–5   Australia Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,281
18 September United States   11 – 1 (F/7)   South Africa Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,474
18 September Japan   10–2   Netherlands Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 11,360

19 September South Africa   0 – 13 (F/7)   Italy Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 2,511
19 September Australia   3–7   Japan Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,093
19 September Netherlands   2–6   United States Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,352
19 September South Korea   5–6   Cuba Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,565

20 September Italy   1–6   Japan Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,245
20 September Netherlands   4–2   Cuba Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 12,450
20 September South Africa   4–10   Australia Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,459
20 September United States   4–0   South Korea Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,818

22 September South Korea   2–0   Netherlands Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,350
22 September Cuba   1–0   Australia Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,036
22 September South Africa   0–8   Japan Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,512
22 September United States   4–2   Italy Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,912

23 September Netherlands   2 – 3 (F/10)   South Africa Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,484
23 September Japan   6 – 7 (F/10)   South Korea Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,970
23 September Australia   7 – 8 (F/12)   Italy Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,562
23 September Cuba   6–1   United States Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,010

24 September Italy   2–3   Netherlands Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,439
24 September South Korea   13 – 3 (F/8)   South Africa Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,864
24 September Japan   2–6   Cuba Blacktown Olympic Park
Attendance: 3,479
24 September Australia   1 – 12 (F/7)   United States Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,018

Final roundEdit

  Semi-finals     Gold medal match
  1   Cuba 3  
  4   Japan 0    
      W1   Cuba
      W2   United States
  2   United States 3    
  3   South Korea 2   Bronze medal match
L2   South Korea
  L1   Japan 1


26 September Cuba   3–0   Japan Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 13,727
26 September United States   3–2   South Korea Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,002

Bronze medal gameEdit

27 September South Korea     3 – 1     Japan Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,058

Gold medal gameEdit

27 September Cuba     0 – 4     United States Sydney Baseball Stadium
Attendance: 14,107

Final standingsEdit


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