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Barry Seton (known as 'Bo'), (born 5 October 1936), is an Australian racing driver. He won the Bathurst 500 (500-mile race, about 800 km) in 1965 with co-driver Midge Bosworth driving a Ford Cortina GT500.[1] He has competed in the Bathurst 500 (and later 1000 km) 22 times, competing every year from 1963 to 1984,[2] and completing the race in fifteen of those.[1] In addition to his outright win in 1965, he won his class at Bathurst (co-driven on each occasion by Don Smith) in 1976, 1977 and 1980.[1]

Seton, who suffered from Polio as a child, was particularly noted for his mastery of the Ford Capri in the mid-1970s, registering not only the class wins at Bathurst, but also winning the Sun-7 Rothmans 3-Litre Series at Amaroo Park.

For his 21st Bathurst start in 1983, his co-driver was his son, Glenn Seton[1] making the first of so far 25 Great Race starts and who would go on to become a two time ATCC winner. The pair were leading Class B by over a lap when their Ford Capri blew its engine resulting in a DNF.[1]

His last start, in the 1984 James Hardie 1000 was driving a Group A Ford Mustang paired with longtime co-driver Don Smith. The pair finished 20th outright and 3rd in Group A.[3]

He later became known as an engine builder,[1] firstly with the Peter Jackson Nissan Team building their turbocharged engines from 1986 until 1988 before Glenn formed his own team, Glenn Seton Racing in 1989. Seton joined his son and was chief engine builder of the teams Ford Sierra RS500s until the team switched to racing the V8 Ford Falcon in late 1992. Seton also built a number of customer engines mostly for privateer V8 Supercar teams. He left his son's team after 1995 in order to give himself a new challenge and was immediately snapped up by Longhurst Racing as their chief engine builder from 1996.

Bo Seton no longer competes at the top level, but still competes in some historic touring car races with his Historic Touring Car Mk.I Ford Capri as well as building both Capri and Holden Torana engines for various cars in Group 2 of the Touring Car Masters series, including the engine for so Glenn's Group 1 1973 Ford Falcon XB Hardtop.

Career resultsEdit

Season Series Position Car Entrant
1964 Australian Touring Car Championship 9th Holden 48/215 BP Boomerang Service Station
1974 Australian Touring Car Championship 9th Ford Escort Twin Cam
1975 Sun 7 - Rothmans Series 1st Ford Capri
1976 Australian Touring Car Championship 3rd Ford Capri Barry Benson
1976 Rothmans Sun-7 Series 2nd Ford Capri
1977 Australian Touring Car Championship 12th Ford Capri
1977 Sun-7 Rothmans Touring Car Series 1st Ford Capri
1978 Australian Touring Car Championship 9th Ford Capri
1979 Better Brakes Under 3 Litre Series 1st Ford Capri
1980 Better Brakes Touring Car Series 1st Ford Capri
1982 Australian Endurance Championship 13th Ford Capri Barry Seton

Complete Bathurst 500/1000 resultsEdit

Year Team Co-Drivers Car Class Laps Pos. Class
1963   Herb Taylor Morris 850 A 112 NA 7th
1964   Fairfield Motors Pty Ltd   Herb Taylor Ford Cortina Mk.I GT C 130 2nd 2nd
1965   Fairfield Motors Pty Ltd   Midge Bosworth Ford Cortina Mk.I GT500 D 130 1st 1st
1966   B Arentz   Barry Arentz Morris Cooper S C 125 8th 8th
1967   C Smith   Charlie Smith Morris Cooper S C 127 6th 2nd
1968   Ford Motor Company of Australia   Fred Gibson Ford XT Falcon GT D 113 31st 11th
1969   Ford Motor Company of Australia   Fred Gibson Ford XW Falcon GTHO D 93 DNF DNF
1970   Ford Motor Co of Australia   Fred Gibson Ford XW Falcon GTHO Phase II E 33 DNF DNF
1971   Road & Track Auto Services   Fred Gibson Ford XY Falcon GTHO Phase III E 32 DNF DNF
1972   Finnie Ford Pty Ltd   Herb Taylor Ford Escort GT 1600 Mk.I B 116 15th 4th
1973   Ford Australia   Fred Gibson Ford XA Falcon GT Hardtop D 17 DNF DNF
1974   WH Motors Pty Ltd   Don Smith Holden LC Torana GTR 2001 – 3000cc 56 DNF DNF
1975   B Benson   Don Smith Ford Capri Mk.I GT 3000 C 138 15th 3rd
1976   Barry Benson   Don Smith Ford Capri Mk.I 2001cc - 3000cc 156 8th 1st
1977   Amco Pty Limited   Don Smith Ford Capri Mk.I 2001cc – 3000cc 154 6th 1st
1978   Amco Pty Limited   Don Smith Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback A 152 8th 8th
1979   Unipart Australia   Don Smith Holden LX Torana SS A9X Hatchback A 148 7th 7th
1980   Don Smith   Don Smith Ford Capri Mk.III 2001-3000cc 156 8th 1st
1981   John Goss Racing   John Goss Jaguar XJS 8 Cylinder & Over 73 DNF DNF
1982   Barry Seton   Don Smith Ford Capri Mk.III B 147 12th 2nd
1983   Barry Seton   Glenn Seton Ford Capri Mk.III B 134 DNF DNF
1984   Nu-Truck Spares   Don Smith Ford Mustang GT Group A 136 20th 3rd


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Sporting positions
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George Reynolds
Winner of the Bathurst 500
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