Baron Strathspey

Baron Strathspey, of Strathspey in the Counties of Inverness and Moray, is a title that has been created twice, both times in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. On both occasions, the barony was created for an Earl of Seafield.

Coat of arms of Lord Strathspey with the badge of a Baronet of Nova Scotia as heir of the Colquhoun baronetcy of 1625.


Barons Strathspey, first creation (1858)Edit

It was created for the first time on 14 August 1858[1] for John Ogilvy-Grant, 7th Earl of Seafield (see the Earl of Seafield for earlier history of this title). This creation became extinct on the death of his son, the eighth Earl and second Baron, in 1884.

Barons Strathspey, second creation (1884)Edit

The barony was revived only a few months after it first became extinct[2] in favour of the late Earl's uncle, James Ogilvy-Grant, 9th Earl of Seafield (who had also succeeded him in the baronetcy of Colquhoun; see Colquhoun baronets for earlier history of this title). The barony and baronetcy remained subsidiary titles of the earldom until the death of the ninth Earl's grandson, the eleventh Earl, in 1915. The earldom, which could be passed on to female heirs, was inherited by the Earl's daughter and only child, the twelfth Countess (see the Earl of Seafield for later history of the earldom).

The baronetcy and barony of Strathspey, which could only be inherited by males, were passed on to the Earl's brother, the fourth Baron. His son, the fifth Baron, was confirmed in the surname of Grant of Grant by decree of the Lord Lyon in 1950. As of 2017 the titles are held by the latter's eldest son, the sixth Baron, who succeeded in 1992. His is the 33rd Chief of Clan Grant.

List of title holdersEdit

Barons Strathspey (1858)Edit

Barons Strathspey (1884)Edit

The heir presumptive is the present holder's brother, the Hon. Michael Patrick Grant of Grant (b. 1953).

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