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Bari Sangat Bihar

The Bari Sangat - Helabazar is a Hindu Sangat in the city of Hajipur, Bihar, India. It is said to have been built during the reign of the Ancient Indian civilization.

Bari Sangat Vaishali Bihar
Bari Sangat Bihar is located in Bihar
Bari Sangat Bihar
Location in Bihar
LocationHelabazar/Rambhadar, Hajipur
Coordinates25°40′N 85°13′E / 25.667°N 85.217°E / 25.667; 85.217Coordinates: 25°40′N 85°13′E / 25.667°N 85.217°E / 25.667; 85.217
Date builtDuring Ancient India
CreatorRaajaputra "for Saints and Brahmans"

This sanctimonious place - "Bari Sangat" were visited by many saints in ancient period to offer prayers. Till this date this place has pious meaning to Hindu and Saints.[1]


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What is a Sangat?Edit

Sangat is a Hindu term with its origin in the Sanskrit word 'sangh', which means company, fellowship and association. In Hindu or Sanatan vocabulary, the word has a special connotation. It stands for the body of men and women who meet religiously, especially in the presence of the Guru or Saints.

Significance of a SangatEdit

Till date also innumerable devotee of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna travel by rail and road to visit this holy place and stay in comfort.

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