Barclay de Tolly

Barclay de Tolly (Russian: Баркла́й-де-То́лли) is the name of a Baltic German noble family of Scottish origin (Clan Barclay). During the time of the Revolution of 1688 in Britain, the family migrated to Russia from Towy (Towie) in Aberdeenshire. It then became a German-speaking family in Livonia.

Barclay de Tolly
Coat of arms of the Barclay de Tollys
Arms of Prince Barclay de Tolly
Parent houseClan Barclay[1]
CountryRussian Empire
MottoВерность и терпение
("Loyalty and patience")
The coat of arms of Prince Barclay de Tolly-Weymarn

Weinhold Gotthard Barclay de Tolly (Russian: Богдан Баркла́й-де-То́лли; 1734–1781) was a poruchik of the Russian Army and a descendant of one of the burgomasters of Riga. He was the first of his family to be accepted into the Russian nobility. He was married to Margaretha Elisabeth von Smitten (1733–1771), and they had four sons: Emil Johann, a General in the Russian service; B. Michael Bogdanovitch; C. Andrei Bogdanovitch, a Colonel; and Michael Bogdanovitch (known as Prince Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly), a very prominent military commander who was made a count in 1813 and a prince in 1815 by Alexander I of Russia.

After the extinction of the original Barclay de Tolly princely line upon the death in 1871 of Prince Michael's son, Magnus, Alexander II of Russia allowed Prince Michael's sister's grandson (through female lineage), Alexander von Weymarn, to assume the title of Prince Barclay de Tolly-Weymarn in 1872.[2]

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