Bankhaus Spängler or Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co. AG is the oldest private bank in Austria founded in the state capital of Salzburg in 1828.

Bankhaus Spängler
Native name
Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co. AG
HeadquartersSchwarzstraße 1, ,
Key people
Heinrich Spängler (CEO)
Bankhaus Spängler

History edit

The banking house was founded by Johann Alois Duregger, who applied for commercial banking authorization in 1828. In 1854, Carl Spangler joined the company and one year later married Duregger's daughter. The Spängler family has run the bank for seven generations since 1855.

In 2021, the bank opened its ninth location in Austria.[1]

The bank has one of the country's most important collection of gold coins and medals.[2]

References edit

Article contains translated text from Bankhaus Spängler on the German Wikipedia retrieved on 7 March 2017.

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