Baldenweger Buck

The Baldenweger Buck is a mountain top, 1,460.5 m above sea level (NHN),[1] in the Black Forest around 900 metres northeast of the Feldberg summit.

Baldenweger Buck
Baldenweger Buck 2014.JPG
The Baldenweger Buck from the summit of the Feldberg
Highest point
Elevation1,460.5 m above sea level (NHN) (4,792 ft)
Prominence7.7 m
Isolation0.52 km
Coordinates47°52′36″N 8°00′56″E / 47.87667°N 8.01556°E / 47.87667; 8.01556Coordinates: 47°52′36″N 8°00′56″E / 47.87667°N 8.01556°E / 47.87667; 8.01556
Baldenweger Buck is located in Baden-Württemberg
Baldenweger Buck
Baldenweger Buck
Parent rangeBlack Forest

The bare ridge drops steeply towards the west, north and east into the surrounding valleys of the Zastlerbach and Seebach. Only towards the south does it transition into a shallow saddle (1,452.8 m) that links the Baldenweger Buck with the Feldberg top.

With its low isolation of 520 metres and a prominence of only 7.7 metres to the Feldberg, the Baldenweger Buck is not considered to be an independent eminence, but a subpeak of the Feldberg. As a result, the second highest summit in the Black Forest is usually seen as the lower, but more prominent, Seebuck.

A waymarked footpath runs over the Baldenweger Buck from the Rinken via the Baldenweger Hut to the summit of the Feldberg.


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