On 21 April 2020 in Baakline, Chouf District, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon, nine people were killed. Mazen Harfoush is the suspect. His wife is one of those killed.[1][2][3]

Baakline massacre
LocationBaakline, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon
Date21 April 2020
Attack type
Honor killing
PerpetratorMazen Harfoush (suspect)

The killing spree began at 3:30pm, using a knife to kill Harfoush's wife; then eight other people were shot dead. They include Harfoush's brother, Fawzi Harfoush, who was previously suspected of being an accomplice.[1] Six of the victims were Syrian and the other three Lebanese.[2] The attack is the non-conflict attack, and Harfoush was arrested in the evening.[1] The attack is suspected to be an honour killing.[1] According to military and local municipal police personnel worked together in the search, finding it a 20-kilometre perimeter around Baakline village.[3]

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