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Azilises (ruled circa 57-35 BCE) was an Indo-Scythian king who ruled in the area of Gandhara.

Indo-Scythian king
Azilises on horse, wearing a tunic, with Greek legend "BASILEOS BASILEON MEGALOY AZILISOU": "The great King of Kings Azilises".
ReignIndo-Scythians: 57–35 BC
PredecessorAzes I
SuccessorAzes II
Azilises coin depicting Gaja Lakshmi standing on a lotus, 1st century BCE.
Silver tetradrachm of Azilises (9.38 g), minted in Gandhara. Obv BASILEWS BASILEWN MEGALOU AZILISOU, king on horseback with lance. Rev "Maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa Ayilishasa", Tyche standing left, holding lamp and palm.
Aziles Indian standard coin with elephant.


Azilises issued some joint coins with Azes, where Azes is presented as king on the obverse ("BASILEOS BASILEON MEGALOY AZOY"), and Azilises is introduced as king on the obverse in kharoshthi ("Maharajasa rajarajasa mahatasa Ayilisasa", "The great king, the king of kings, the great Azilises").[1]

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Preceded by
Azes I
Indo-Scythian Ruler
57–35 BC
Succeeded by
Azes II