Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Gondola

The Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Gondola (Turkish: Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Teleferik Hattı) is a two-station aerial lift line of gondola type in Aydın serving hilltop Aytepe from Pınarbaşı.

Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Gondola
Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Teleferik
Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Gondola is located in Turkey
Aydın Pınarbaşı-Aytepe Gondola
Location within Turkey
Coordinates37°51′17″N 27°50′41″E / 37.85472°N 27.84472°E / 37.85472; 27.84472
TerminiPınarbaşı (west)
Aytepe (east)
No. of stations2
Built bySTM Sistem Teleferik, Turkey
Construction cost2.620 million (approx. US$1.578 million in March 2009)
Construction beginSeptember 2008
OpenMarch 2009 (2009-03)
ClosedApril 2009 (2009-04)
ReopenedOctober 8, 2012; 10 years ago (2012-10-08)
OwnerAydın Municipality
OperatorAydın Municipality
No. of carriers6 (in two sets of 3)
Carrier capacity6
Ridership216 hourly
Operating times8:00-17:00 (weekdays),
9:00-17:30 (weekends)
Trip duration5 min.
Technical features
Aerial lift typeBi-cable gondola detachable
Manufactured bySTM Sistem Teleferik, Turkey
Line length563 m (1,847 ft)
No. of support towers5
Cable diameter41 mm (1.6 in)
Installed power100 kW
Operating speedmax. 3 m/s (9.8 ft/s)

The project of an aerial lift line to provide easy access between the recreational resorts Pınarbaşı and Aytepe (literally: Moon Hill) goes back to 2006.[1] The 563 m (1,847 ft) long line with five intermediate support towers[2] was constructed by the Turkish company STM Sistem Teleferik from İzmir, which delivered also the technical equipment. The construction of the line began in September 2008.[3][4]

Cost 2.620 million[2] (approx. US$1.578 million in March 2009), the gondola line went in service in the beginning of March 2009. The operation was suspended beginning of April 2009 by the newly elected mayor right after the 2009 local elections with the rationale "lack of proficient personnel".[2] Due to pressure by local citizens, the abondened facility[5] reopened in September 2011 for free-of-charge use following overhaul works.[6] However, the line stopped shortly after again. On October 8, 2012, the gondola line became operational for the third time. It runs on weekdays between 8:00-17:00 and on weekends between 9:00-17:30 hours. Since the line has no illumination, its operation in the darkness is not possible due to security reasons. It is planned to add necessary illumination installation to extend the operation hours. A total of six gondolas each capable of six passengers, which run in two sets of three cabins in a row, can transport 216 people hourly.[3] The trip takes 5 minutes.[4] The fare is 1.50.[7]


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