Axle track

The axle track in automobiles and other wheeled vehicles which have two or more wheels on an axle, is the distance between the centerline of two roadwheels on the same axle. In a case of the axle with dual wheels, the centerline in the middle of the dual wheel is used for the axle track specification.

Track (measured between center line of wheels)

In a vehicle with two axles, this is expressed as "front track" and "rear track".

However, the front wheels and/or rear wheels on either side of a vehicle do not necessarily have to be mounted on the same axle for the distance that they are apart to be called the "track".[1]


In the case of a rail wheelset the "track" is called "wheel gauge" and is measured from wheel flange reference line to wheel flange reference line on the wheels of any rail car or tram.[1]

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