"Autumnsong" is a song by Manic Street Preachers and was the third single taken from the album Send Away the Tigers. It was released on 23 July 2007. It peaked and debuted at number #10 in the UK Singles Chart.[1]

Msp autumnsong.jpg
Single by Manic Street Preachers
from the album Send Away the Tigers
Released23 July 2007
GenreAlternative rock, hard rock
Songwriter(s)Nicky Wire, James Dean Bradfield and Sean Moore
Producer(s)Dave Eringa
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As with all Send Away the Tigers-related promotional material, the cover image is taken from the photography book Monika Monster Future First Woman On Mars by Valerie Philips.[2]

The song "1404" recalls a 'lost chapter' in Welsh history, when Owain Glyndŵr was crowned Prince of Wales in that year having successfully revolted against the English. He was, however, the last native Welsh person to hold the title Prince of Wales.[3]

James Dean Bradfield has mentioned in concert that the song's intro riff is, in part, a tribute to one of his guitar influences, Slash, and bears a passing resemblance to the iconic "Sweet Child O' Mine" riff.[4]


The song peaked at number 10 in the UK Singles Chart, charting for 3 weeks in the top 75.[1]

Two videos were filmed for the song. The version used for promotion on television, commissioned by the record label, features teenagers in various everyday group situations with lyrics from the song occasionally flashing on the screen. The alternative version, commissioned by the band themselves after being disappointed with the label's version and directed by Valerie Philips, is a single, one-camera shot of the girls featured on the Send Away the Tigers cover art miming to the song.[2] The models are a Polish-American college student called Monika Monster and her cousin Kate.[5]

Track listingEdit

2 Track CD singleEdit

  1. "Autumnsong" - 3:40
  2. "Red Sleeping Beauty" (McCarthy cover) - 3:14

Maxi CD singleEdit

  1. "Autumnsong" - 3:40
  2. "The Long Goodbye" - 2.46 (featuring lead vocals by Nicky Wire)
  3. "Morning Comrades" - 3:12
  4. "1404" - 2.27

Promo CDEdit

  1. "Autumnsong" - 3:44
  2. "Autumnsong" (Instrumental) - 3:42

7" limited editionEdit

  1. "Autumnsong" - 3:40
  2. "The Vorticists" - 3:18 (instrumental)

Digital downloadEdit

  1. "Autumnsong" - 3:40
  2. "La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)" - Live - 3:54
  3. "Autumnsong" (Acoustic version) - 3:43
  4. "Autumnsong" (Live) - 3:42
  5. "Autumnsong" (Video) - 3:38


Chart (2007) Peak
UK Singles Chart[6] 10
UK Top 40
Week 01


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