Austrovald, Astrobald, and Austrevald[1] (died 607) was the Duke of Aquitaine from 587.

Austrovald was probably a count of Toulouse until that year, when he was appointed to succeed the dux Desiderius in Aquitaine, by King Guntram.[2]

Under Chilperic I and then the usurper Gundoald, a dux named Bladast was acting as duke over the region of Aquitaine. The dux Austrovald was sent in 587 to pacify the Basques of Vasconia, a difficult enterprise in which he was none too successful, for he lost many men to captivity and the Basques are found as far as the Garonne by 602.[3] Bordeaux probably formed the chief fortified frontier city of Austrovald's watch.[citation needed] It is probable that the Basques were forced to pay tribute, but left under their own laws.[4] It is out of this that a separate Gascon duchy was created in 602, probably within Aquitaine.[citation needed]

In 589, Austrovald held command of the forces of Périgueux, Agen, Saintes, and Bordeaux, when he invaded Septimania.[5] Twice he marched on Visigothic Carcassonne but failed to take it.[6]

Austrovald was succeeded by Sereus after a short reign.[7]


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