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Auktyon (Russian: АукцЫон, pronounced [ɐʊktsɨˈon]) is a Russian alternative rock band from Saint Petersburg.

Auctyon Concert 2009 July SPb 01.JPG
Background information
OriginLeningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia)
GenresAlternative rock, indie rock, post-punk, jazz rock, folk rock, freak folk, experimental rock, art rock
Years active1978 - present
MembersLeonid Fyodorov
Oleg Garkusha
Viktor Bondarik
Dmitriy Ozerski
Nikolai Rubanov
Boris Shaveinikov
Mikhail Kolovski
Vladimir Volkov
Yuri Parfyonov

The band was founded by Leonid Fyodorov and Oleg Garkusha at the Polytechnic Institute of Leningrad.[1] Though they originally played post-punk and new wave, the group came to be influenced by European and Central Asian folk music, avant-garde jazz, the poetry of Russian futurist Velimir Khlebnikov, and aspects of Russian high culture and literature.[1]

Auktyon was particularly popular from 1987 through 1995, but became less active in the late 1990s when Fyodorov began to produce records for Leningrad.[1] The group continues to play together and to release new albums. They toured the United States in 2006[2] in support of their first US release, the album Pioneer. The group returned to the US in 2008 when they released the album Girls Sing.[3][4][5]

Band members[6]Edit


Studio Albums[7]Edit

Title (Transliterated) Title (Russian) Title (English) Release Date
Vernis' v Sorrento Вернись в Сорренто Return to Sorrento 1986
D'Observer Д'Обсервер The Observer 1986
Kak ya stal predatelem Как я стал предателем How I Became a Traitor 1989
V Bagdade vse spokoyno В Багдаде все спокойно All Quiet in Baghdad 1989
Zhopa Жопа Asshole 1990
Bodun Бодун Hangover 1991
Ptitsa Птица Bird 1993
Auktsyon Аукцыон Auktyon 1995
Eto mama Это мама It's Mum 2002
Devushki poyut Девушки поют Girls Sing 2007
Yula Юла Top 2011
Na Solntse На Солнце In the Sun 2016


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