August Ludwig von Nostitz

August Ludwig Ferdinand Graf von Nostitz (27 December 1777, Zessel, near Öls – 28 May 1866, on his estates at Zobten, near Löwenberg in Schlesien) was a Prussian general who acted as adjutant general to Frederick William III of Prussia.[citation needed]

Von Nostitz


Nostitz was the son of Georg August von Nostitz-Ransen (15. Dezember 1709 – 1795).[citation needed] He joined the Prussian Army in 1802, leaving it in 1810 only to return in 1813 as a staff officer of the Silesian uhlans.[1] After the battle of Bautzen[citation needed] he became adjutant to Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher.[2]

On 16 June 1815, towards the end of the battle of Ligny, Nostitz stood guard over Blücher after Blücher fell stunned under his horse and after the French Cuirassiers had passed attracted the attention of counter charging Prussian troopers who then remounted the dazed Blücher on Sergeant Schneider's horse and escorted him from the battlefield.[3]

Nostitz became a major general in 1825[citation needed] and served on Nicholas I of Russia's general staff during the Russo-Turkish War (1828–1829).[2]

In 1833 Nostitz became deputy commander of Berlin,[2] then lieutenant general in 1838 and commander of the 5th Hussar Regiment (the Blüchersche Husaren) in 1840.[citation needed] He left active service in May 1848,[2] was promoted to general of the cavalry in 1849[citation needed] and from 1850 to 1860 served as Prussian ambassador to the Kingdom of Hanover.[2]


In 1829 Nostitz married a daughter of Prince Hatzfeldt zu Trachenberg (see House of Hatzfeld).[1]


He received the following orders and decorations:[4]


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