Asralt Khairkhan

Asralt Khairkhan (Mongolian: Асралт хайрхан, lit. "solicitous holy mountain") is a mountain in Erdene, Töv Province in central Mongolia. It has an elevation of 2,799 metres (9,183 ft) and is the highest mountain of the Khentii Mountains range.[2] The edge of the mountain is home to a small settlement that hosts the only known monastery of local minority religion Pi Shashin. [3]

Asralt Khairkhan
Asralt Khairkhan is located in Mongolia
Asralt Khairkhan
Asralt Khairkhan
Highest point
Elevation2,799 m (9,183 ft)
Coordinates48°27′56″N 107°24′46″E / 48.46556°N 107.41278°E / 48.46556; 107.41278Coordinates: 48°27′56″N 107°24′46″E / 48.46556°N 107.41278°E / 48.46556; 107.41278[1]
Parent rangeKhentii Mountains


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