The Asmara Synagogue (Tigrinya: ምኩራብ ኣስመራ, Hebrew: בית הכנסת של אסמרה, Arabic: معبد أسمرا) is the only surviving remnant of the Jewish community in Eritrea.[1] Built in 1906, includes a Jewish cemetery, classrooms, and a main sanctuary.[2] All aspects of the synagogue today are taken care of by Samuel Cohen, an Asmara native who remained in the country to look after the edifice.[3]

Asmara Synagogue
ምኩራብ ኣስመራ
בית הכנסת של אסמרה
معبد أسمرا
AffiliationOrthodox Judaism
LocationHaile Mariam Mammo Street
Eritrea Asmara, Eritrea

History edit

The synagogue was founded in 1906 by Yemenite Jewish immigrants from Aden. Along with the Adeni Jews, some congregants were Italian Jews. Others were refugees from Nazi Germany.[4]

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