Asha Black

Asha Black is a 2014 Indian thriller film and is the debut film from writer/director John Robinson. It was released as Nee Naan Nizhal in Malayalam and Tamil.[1]

Asha Black / Nee Naan Nizhal
Asha Black.jpg
Malayalam poster
Directed byJohn Robinson
Produced byBindhu John Varghese
Written byJohn Robinson
Screenplay byJohn Robinson, Santhosh Laxman
Story byJohn Robinson
StarringIshitha Chauhan
Arjun Lal
R. Sarathkumar
Krishnabhaskar Mangalasserri
Music byJecin George
Edited byNikil Venu
Nimita Productions
Release date
  • 10 October 2014 (2014-10-10)


Five people of Indian origin are killed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, within a short period of time. At first, the attacks are believed to be racially motivated, but investigating officer Anwar Ali (Sarath Kumar), a Tamilian of Indian origin, feels that there are no grounds for that claim.

He and his team find a common factor among the victims on Facebook: they all had a mutual friend called ‘Asha Black’. Asha (newcomer Ishitha Chauhan) is a 17-year-old girl addicted to making online friends and chatting with them 24/7.

When an online romance blooms between ‘Asha Black’ and Coimbatore-based young musician, Rohith (Arjun Lal), Rohith decides to go to Kuala Lumpur to meet her on her eighteenth birthday. With the help of a taxi driver, Senthilnathan, he reaches Asha's house, but unfortunately, she has committed suicide. Then it is revealed that Asha was a victim of sexual abuse through Facebook and she is addicted to it because her parents have no time to spend with their only daughter. Enraged, Rohit with the help of Senthilnathan kills Asha's tormentors and finally, he kills a security guard who sexually abused Asha when she was a young girl in school and this news was abandoned by her own parents to safeguard their reputation. Anwar tracks down Rohit with all evidence and arrests him, but silently praises Rohit's killings. The film ends with Anwar realising how parents' care and attention is important to children stopping them from getting addicted to bad habits and discusses with his daughter to how to spend their weekend.

Asha Black takes the viewer on a guided tour of the dark alleys of the World Wide Web, showing how the unmonitored use of the Internet by young adults can make them prey to predators who supply pornographic material and how neglected children become victims of sexual abuse.



The team shot scenes in Kerala and Malaysia in September 2013, with debutant director John Robinson revealing that the plot would revolve around the dangers of social networks.[2] Arjun Lal, previously seen as a junior artiste in Thanmathra (2005), made a comeback in a leading role. Though he played just a supporting role, the film used Sarath Kumar's presence to market the film extensively in both languages.[3]


Asha Black
Soundtrack album by
Released10 May 2014
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelManorama Music
ProducerJecin George

The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Jecin George. Song lyrics were written by Din Nath Puthanchery and Jecin George. The audio release of the film was held on May 10, 2014.

1."Neermizhiyil Peeythozhiyaa"Vijay Yesudas5:26
2."Ningade Naatil"Jecin George4:39
3."Manjayi Peytha Ninne"Sachin Warrier5:26
4."Nannawoola (Remix)"Jecin George, Niranj Suresh,Ribin Richard4:23
5."Asha Black Theme (feat. Trancis Xavier)"Jecin George, Trancis Xavier, Cochin Strings3:16


The Malayalam and Tamil versions opened simultaneously on 10 October 2014.[4][5] A critic from The Hindu concluded, "It’s a weird love story and a crime thriller — and its big problem is that it can’t balance both".[6][7]


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