As-Salih Salih

As-Salih Salah ad-Din Salih ibn Muhammad ibn Qalawun (28 September 1337–1360/61, better known as as-Salih Salih, was the Mamluk sultan in 1351–1354. He was the eighth son of Sultan an-Nasir Muhammad to accede to the sultanate. He was largely a figurehead, with real power held by the senior Mamluk emirs, most prominently Emir Taz an-Nasiri (com).

Al-Malik as-Salih
Copper fals of as-Salih Salih.jpg
Copper alloy fals of Mamluk sultan as-Salih Salih minted in Aleppo in 1354
Sultan of Egypt
ReignDecember 1351 – October 1354
PredecessorAn-Nasir Hasan
SuccessorAn-Nasir Hasan
Born28 September 1337
DiedDecember 1360 (aged 23)
Al-Malik an-Salih Salah ad-Din Salih ibn Muhammad ibn Qalawun
FatherAn-Nasir Muhammad
MotherQutlumalik bint Tankiz


Salih was born on 28 September 1337.[1] He was the son of Sultan an-Nasir Muhammad (r. 1310–1341) and one of his wives, Qutlumalik, the daughter of Emir Tankiz al-Husami of Damascus (r. 1312–1340).[2] As sultan, Salih often displayed public affection and respect for his mother.[3] He took his mother and his wives on a trip to Siryaqus (a resort village north of Cairo), along with several emirs and other officials.[3] There, he held a royal ceremony in honor of his mother in which he laid out her table and served her food that he personally prepared.[3] He declared her honorary sultan, accorded her regalia and assigned her servants and slave girls to play the role of her emirs.[3]

In August 1351, Salih was appointed as sultan in place of his half-brother an-Nasir Hasan.[4] His installment in the sultanate was a result of a decision by the senior Mamluk emirs, namely Taz and Baybugha in response to an-Nasir Hasan's move to assert real control over the state.[4] At the onset of Salih's reign, emirs Shaykhu and Manjak (com) (Baybugha's brother) were released.[5] In effect, Emir Taz was the ruler of the sultanate and Salih was a figurehead sultan.[4] However, Salih did assert his authority when Emir Baybugha launched a rebellion in Syria in 1352.[5] Salih led his army to Damascus and confronted the rebels.[5] Baybugha and the nuwwab (governors, sing. na'ib) of Safad, Hama and Tripoli were ultimately imprisoned, and Byabugha died while incarcerated in Aleppo later that year.[5]

Emir Shaykhu fell out with Salih and at the same time conspired with Emir Sirghitmish to oust Emir Taz from power.[5] In October 1354, the dissident emirs toppled Salih and restored an-Nasir Hasan to power, while sending Taz to Aleppo to serve as that province's na'ib (effectively exiling him).[5] Salih died in December 1360 at the age of 24.[1] He was buried in the mausoleum of his paternal grandmother, Umm Salih (wife of Qalawun) in Cairo.[1] He was survived by his son, Muhammad.[1]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by Mamluk Sultan
December 1351 – October 1354
Succeeded by