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Arybbas of Epirus

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For the bodyguard of Alexander the Great, see Arybbas (somatophylax).

Arybbas (Greek: Ἀρύββας;[1] 373–343 BC) was a king of the Molossians.

King of the Molossians
Father Alcetas I
Religion Ancient Greek religion



Arybbas was a son of Alcetas I, brother of Neoptolemus I and grandfather of Pyrrhus. He married his niece Troas (sister of Olympias).

Arybbas's son was Alcetas II, who reigned as a king of Epirus from 313 BC to 303 BC. It is very probable that the Aryptaeus, king of the Molossians mentioned by Diodorus 18.11.1, who joined the Hellenic cause during the Lamian War, is Arybbas.


In ca. 360 BC, against an Illyrian attack, Arybbas evacuated his non-combatant population to Aetolia and let the Illyrians loot freely. The stratagem was successful, and the Molossians amassed upon the Illyrians and defeated them.[2] Arybbas ruled Epirus until 342/341 BC, when he was driven into exile by Philip II, who placed Alexander I on the throne.

He was also an Olympic and Pythian victor in tethrippon (chariot race).


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Preceded by
Alcetas I
King of Epirus
370–343 BC
(with Neoptolemus I until 360 BC)
Succeeded by
Alexander I