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Arthur Kylander (1892–1968) was a Finnish-American singer, songwriter and mandolin player.[1]

Arthur Kylander [1]
Arthur Arkadius Kylander

February 16, 1892
Occupationsinger, songwriter, musician
Spouse(s)Julia Varila


Born in Lieto, Finland, Kylander immigrated to the United States in 1914 at the age of twenty-two. There he became an itinerant laborer and worked as a carpenter and logger.

In 1925 he met his future wife Julia Varila, a pianist and accordionist with whom he began performing and touring. During the Depression the Kylanders moved to Hollywood, California, where Julia worked as a cook and Arthur was a butler and chauffeur. In 1943 they bought 240 acres of wooded land near Placerville, California and started a tree farm.[2] In 1964 Kylander was named the Outstanding Conservation Rancher of the Year.[3]


Between 1927 and 1929 Kylander released twenty songs on the Victor label.[4] He also published several songbooks with the title of Humoristisia Lauluja (Comic Songs).[5]

His repertoire included Kulkuri (The Hobo), Muistojen Valssi (The Waltz of Memories) and Suomalainen ja Sauna (The Finn and the Sauna). A member of the Industrial Workers of the World, many of Kylander's songs dealt with the hardships facing immigrant workers while retaining a strong sense of wit and humor.[5] He sang in a mixture of Finnish and Finglish in a manner similar to his contemporary, Hiski Salomaa.[6]

Since the 1970s, Arthur Kylander's recordings have been reissued in both analog and digital formats.[6][7][8]


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