Ars Disputandi (Latin: the art of debate) was an online peer-reviewed academic journal of the philosophy of religion that was established in 2001 and published by Utrecht University's Igitur Publishing.[1] It is abstracted and indexed in the ATLA Religion Database.[2] In 2013 it was incorporated into the International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, which was previously known as Bijdragen: International Journal for Philosophy and Theology.

Ars Disputandi
DisciplinePhilosophy of religion
Edited byMarcel Sarot, Michael Scott, Maarten Wisse, Niek Brunsveld
Publication details
Igitur Publishing (Utrecht University) (The Netherlands)
FrequencyUpon acceptance
LicenseCC BY
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Ars Disput.
ISSN1566-5399 (print)
1566-5399 (web)
OCLC no.52587239

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