Arputham is a 2002 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film directed by Arputhan. The film features Raghava Lawrence, Kunal and Anu Prabhakar in the lead roles. Arputham merges two of the most enduring concepts in Tamil cinema—the love triangle and the rags-to-riches story.[2][3] The film was remade in Bengali as Sajani (2004).

Directed byArpudhan
Produced byR. B. Choudary
Written byArpudhan
StarringRaghava Lawrence
Anu Prabhakar
Pyramid Natarajan
Music byShiva[1]
Edited byV. Jaishankar
Release date
12 September 2002
Running time
160 minutes


Ashok (Raghava Lawrence) is a good for nothing youth spending most of his time with his friends. Despite coming from a middle-class family, Ashok neither has an urge to earn money nor improve the standards of his life. One day, Ashok meets Priya (Anu Prabhakar) and falls for her impressed by her beauty and character. Ashok proposes Priya and threatens that he would commit suicide if she does not accept his love. Priya, although not interested in Ashok, convinces him saying that he should first achieve something in life and then propose her. This marks a change in Ashok's life. After many attempts, he finally decides to start a mobile fast food restaurant which becomes a good success. Ashok develops his business gradually with the help of financial aid from Arvind (Kunal) who happens to be a bank manager. Actually Arvind and Priya are in love as well which Ashok does not know.

Ashok's business expands into hotels, supermarkets, real estate etc. and he becomes one of the leading businessmen in the city. During an interview for a TV channel, Ashok mentions about his love which has been the driving force behind his success. Priya gets shocked hearing this and informs to Arvind as well as Ashok's friends who promise that they would settle down the issue. However, Arvind and Ashok's friends could not disclose the truth to Ashok fearing that Ashok could still decide ending his life. Ashok builds a bungalow and wants his wedding to happen there. Arvind convinces Priya to marry Ashok. Priya although not interested, agrees to marry Ashok. On the day of wedding, Ashok overhears the conversation between Priya and Arvind and understands all the truth. He cancels his wedding and decides to unite Priya with Arvind. In the end, Priya and Arvind are united. Ashok thanks Priya for making him understand the value of life and become a successful person.



1."Aaha Anandham"Shankar Mahadevan5:15
2."Nee Malaraa Malaraa"Unni Krishnan & Chithra4:33
3."Pandibazaaril"Harish Raghavendra5:38
4."Pothunda Pothunda"Tippu5:20
5."Thattu Thattu"S. P. Balasubramanyam4:21
Total length:25:07