Arbuckle railway station

Arbuckle railway station served the village of Arbuckle in the Scottish county of North Lanarkshire. The station was the meeting point of two early railway companies.

LocationNorth Lanarkshire
Coordinates55°53′26″N 3°56′46″W / 55.89045°N 3.94612°W / 55.89045; -3.94612Coordinates: 55°53′26″N 3°56′46″W / 55.89045°N 3.94612°W / 55.89045; -3.94612
Other information
Original companySlamannan Railway
Pre-groupingSlamannan Railway and Ballochney Railway End on Junction
Key dates
31 August 1840Station opens
October 1862Station closes


The station was the meeting point of the two pioneer railways, the Slamannan Railway and the Ballochney Railway, and joined the Monklands Railway when they amalgamated to form it in 1848. The Monklands railway was in 1865 absorbed by the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, joining the North British Railway a day later. By the time of these events however the station had closed, in 1862.

Preceding station Historical railways Following station
Ballochney Railway
  Slamannan Railway
Line and station closed


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