Aqueous Cream BP is a light, hydrocarbon-based emulsion, which is officially registered in the British Pharmacopoeia and categorised by the British National Formulary as a non-proprietary emollient preparation.[1] It is used as a topical, external medicine, emollient moisturiser and general-purpose substitute for toiletries such as soap, shower gel, shaving cream and lip salve.

Aqueous cream B.P


The common ingredients are:


British researchers found evidence that using the cream to moisturise areas affected by eczema may actually aggravate the condition.[2] They suggested this was due to skin-thinning effects of a detergent sodium lauryl sulfate. The National Eczema Society recommends alternatives such as white soft paraffin wax or other types of emollient without such a high content of sodium lauryl sulfate.[3]


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