Apley Castle

Apley Castle was a medieval fortified manor in the village of Hadley, Shropshire, England.

Apley Castle
Hadley, Shropshire, England
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Converted stableblock, containing remains of original castle
Apley Castle is located in Shropshire
Apley Castle
Apley Castle
Coordinates52°42′55″N 2°30′44″W / 52.7152°N 2.5122°W / 52.7152; -2.5122Coordinates: 52°42′55″N 2°30′44″W / 52.7152°N 2.5122°W / 52.7152; -2.5122
TypeFortified manor house
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Apley Castle was a moated, fortified manor house in Hadley near Wellington.[1] By the early 14th century the manor was owned by the Charlton family, who had become major landowners in the region, and in 1327 Sir Alan Charlton received a licence to crenellate the manor house.[2] The building work occurred shortly afterwards, producing a square building set around a central courtyard.[3] Charlton's descendants expanded the castle considerably into an Elizabethan mansion during the late 16th and early 17th century, using grey ashlar stone.[4]

In 1642 the castle passed by marriage to Thomas Hanmer, who married Francis Charlton.[5] With the outbreak of the English Civil War that year between the supporters of King Charles and Parliament, Hanmer, a royalist, fortified the mansion, which formed a valuable strategic stronghold close to Shrewsbury.[6] Encouraged by Francis Charlton's younger brother, the castle was sacked by Parliamentary forces during the war: £1,500 of damage was done and the lead from the roof was stolen for use at Shrewsbury Castle.[7]

A second mansion, also called Apley Castle, was subsequently built between 1791 and 1794 for the Charltons, and the repaired first castle was reused as the stableblock for this building.[8] This building was demolished in 1955, and the stables fell into disrepair.[9] In 1996, the stables, including their medieval elements, were renovated and turned into a private house.[10] The site is a Grade 2* listed building.

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