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Coordinates: 68°29′06″N 160°53′17″E / 68.485°N 160.888°E / 68.485; 160.888

The Anyuy River or Anyui River (Russian: Анюй) is a river in the Sakha Republic, Russia. It is a right tributary of the Kolyma River, flowing into it in its delta area at Nizhnekolymsk, only about 100 kilometres (62 mi) from the mouths of the Kolyma.

The Anyuy River begins in a swampy area at the confluence of the Bolshoy Anyuy River (Big Anyuy) from the south, and the Maly Anyuy River (Little Anyuy) from the north, shortly before their combined waters flow into the Kolyma. Therefore the length of the Anyuy river proper is just about 20 kilometres (12 mi).

The area of the basin of the whole Anyuy river system, however, is 107,000 square kilometres (41,000 sq mi).

The Anyuy River may stay under the ice for up to nine months. The area is covered with tundra, marshes and small lakes.

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