Anushirvan ibn Khalid ibn Muhammad Kashani (Persian: انوشیروان بن خالد بن محمد کاشانی), also known as Abu Nasr Sharaf al-Din, was a Persian statesman and historian, who served as the vizier of the Seljuq Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate.

Sharaf al-Din
Anushirvan ibn Khalid
Abbasid Vizier
In office
1132 – 1134
Seljuk Vizier
In office
1135 – 1136
MonarchGhiyath ad-Din Mas'ud
In office
1127 – 1128
MonarchMahmud II
Preceded byAbu'l-Qasim Darguzini
Succeeded byAbu'l-Qasim Darguzini
Personal details
Bornc. 1066/7
Ray, Iran
Diedc. 1137/1139
ChildrenNasr (son)
ParentKhalid ibn Muhammad
RelativesMuhammad Kashani (grandfather)
Military career
Years of service1105/6–1110s
RankHead of Military

Anushirvan was born in 1066/7 at Ray; he belonged to a Twelver Shia family which had origins in Kashan. He was a treasurer and head of the Seljuq military during the reign of Sultan Muhammad I. Anushirvan was later succeeded by Shams al-Mulk Uthman as head of the Seljuq military. After this, Anushirvan went to Baghdad, where he later became head of the Seljuq military once again. He was shortly appointed by Mahmud II as his vizier in 1127, and remained in that office until 1128. Anushirvan served as the vizier of the Abbasid caliph al-Mustarshid from 1132 to 1134, and then briefly as the vizier of the new Seljuq Sultan Ghiyath ad-Din Mas'ud from 1135 to 1136. Anushirvan later died between 1137 and 1139.

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