Antonio Canale

Antonio Canale (25 February 1915 – 15 October 1991) was an Italian comic writer and artist, also known under the pen name Tony Chan.

Antonio Canale
Born25 February 1915 (1915-02-25)
Monza, Italy
Died15 October 1991 (1991-10-16) (aged 76)
Chiavari, Italy
Other namesTony Chan

Life and careerEdit

Born in Monza, Canale started his career at very young age as assistant of Toni Pagot. He made his official debut in 1937, collaborating with Gian Luigi Bonelli to the series La piuma verde, published in Il Vittorioso. In 1945 he drew the Bonelli's series Yorga, and in 1946 he co-created with Cesare Solini his best known work, the superhero comics series Amok.[1][2]

In the following years Canale collaborated with Fleetway Publications, drew stories of Gim Toro and Kolosso, and created several series including the western-themed Kirby Flint and Hiawatha for Il Corriere dei Piccoli. In 1977 he illustrated the graphic novel Terra maledetta (script by Giancarlo Berardi).[2] In the 1980s he collaborated with the comic magazines Il Giornalino and Tiramolla.[1]


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