Amok (comics)

Amok (subtitled "II Gigante Mascherato", "the Masked Giant") is an Italian comic book series created by Cesare Solini and Antonio Canale.

Publication information
Publication date1946-1948
Creative team
Written byCesare Solini
Artist(s)Antonio Canale


The comics started its publications in October 1946, published by Agostino della Casa; the authors, writer Cesare Solini and artist Antonio Canale, signed the comics with the pen names Phil Anderson and Tony Chan.[1] Inspired by the Phantom, it features an Indonesian giant man, born on the Java island, that becomes a masked crimefighter after the kidnapping of his girlfriend.[1][2]

Despite the success obtained, Amok ended its publications in 1948; over the years it was reprinted several times.[1] The series was also published in several foreign countries.[1]

In Sweden, the comic was renamed Kilroy when it was first published in 1948. The name was inspired by the popular graffiti phrase Kilroy was here. It was such a success in Sweden that new stories were produced directly for the Swedish market (by artists Rolf Gohs and Francisco Cueto) and it was published until the 1970s.


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