Antonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee

Antonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee (also: Colloredo-Waldsee-Melz or Colloredo-Melz und Waldsee)[1] (17 July 1729 – 12 November 1811) was a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.[2]

Antonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee
Cardinal, Archbishop of Olomouc
Antonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee.jpg
ChurchRoman Catholic Church
PredecessorMaximilian Reichsgraf von Hamilton
SuccessorMaria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff
Consecration17 May 1778
by Hieronymus Joseph Franziskus von Colloredo
Created cardinal17 January 1803
by Pope Pius VII
Personal details
Born17 July 1729
Died12 November 1811(1811-11-12) (aged 82)
Alma materUniversity of Padua
Coat of armsAntonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee's coat of arms
Styles of
Antonín Theodor Colloredo-Waldsee
External Ornaments of a Cardinal Bishop.svg
Reference styleHis Eminence
Spoken styleYour Eminence
Informal styleCardinal


Antonín was born on June 29, 1729 in Vienna as the son of Count Lodovico Colloredo-Waldesee Mels (1698–1767) and Princess Eleonore Gonzaga di Vescovato (1699–1779). He obtained his utroque iure at the University of Padua on March 3, 1752.[1]

He was ordained as a priest on August 20, 1758 in Olomouc, and was elected its bishop on October 6, 1777. On December 5, 1777, he was promoted Archbishop of Olomouc. He was consecrated at the Salzburg Cathedral on May 17, 1778 by Hieronymus Joseph Franziskus von Colloredo. In 1790, he participated in the Diet of Frankfurt. He was recommended to the cardinalate at the behest of Emperor Francis I, and was created cardinal on January 17, 1803 by Pope Pius VII.[1] He died on September 12, 1811 in Kroměříž, where he is buried at the cathedral of Saint Moritz.[1]


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