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The Antelope Hills are a low mountain range in the Transverse Ranges, in western Kern County, California.[1] In 1910 Arnold and Johnson from the United States Geological Survey proposed the name "Antelope Hills" for "the group of low hills [that] are a range for the few wild antelope left in this region."[2]

Antelope Hills
Antelope Hills, California is located in California
Antelope Hills, California
Location of Antelope Hills in California [1]
Highest point
Elevation222 m (728 ft)
CountryUnited States
DistrictKern County
Range coordinates35°32′6.866″N 119°48′21.479″W / 35.53524056°N 119.80596639°W / 35.53524056; -119.80596639Coordinates: 35°32′6.866″N 119°48′21.479″W / 35.53524056°N 119.80596639°W / 35.53524056; -119.80596639
Topo mapUSGS Blackwells Corner


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