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Anne Phillips (born 2 June 1950),[1] is Graham Wallas Professor of Political Science, Professor of Political and Gender Theory at the London School of Economics (LSE), where she is based at the Department of Government. She was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2003.

Anne Phillips
Born (1950-06-02) 2 June 1950 (age 69)
Known forFeminist political theory
Scientific career
InstitutionsGender Institute and Government Department, London School of Economics



Anne Phillips joined the LSE in 1999 as Professor of Gender Theory, and was Director of the Gender Institute until September 2004. She subsequently moved to a joint appointment between the Gender Institute and Government Department. She is a leading figure in feminist political theory, and writes on issues of democracy and representation, equality, multiculturalism, and difference. Much of her work can be read as challenging the narrowness of contemporary liberal theory.

In 1992, she was co-winner of the American Political Science Association's Victoria Schuck Award for Best Book on Women and Politics published in 1991 (awarded for Engendering Democracy). She was awarded an honorary Doctorate from Aalborg University in 1999; was appointed Adjunct Professor in the Political Science Programme of the Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, 2002-6.

Research projectsEdit

In 2002-4, she carried out a Nuffield funded research project on tensions between sexual and cultural equality in the British courts. See the women and cultural diversity database; See final report for this project.

She is currently working with Sawitri Sharaso, Vrije Universiteit (Free University), Amsterdam, on a cross European collaboration (also funded by Nuffield) that has explored issues of gender and culture in their specifically European context. This involved two conferences, one in London in 2005 and the other in Amsterdam in 2006, and will lead to a special issue of the journal Ethnicities (2008). See project proposal. Update: final report

Selected bibliographyEdit


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Journal articlesEdit

Other publicationsEdit

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