Anna und die Liebe

Anna und die Liebe (Anna and (the) Love) is the eleventh Telenovela made in Germany. It has aired since 25 August 2008 on German channel Sat.1 and Austrian Channel ORF 1.

Anna und die Liebe
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Also known asAnna and (the) Love
Opening themeRosenstolz – Gib mir Sonne
Country of originGermany
Original languageGerman
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes926
ProducersPetra Bodenbach
Christian Popp
Gilbert Funke
Running time25 min
DistributorSevenOne International
Original networkSat.1
Picture format576i (SDTV)
Original release25 August 2008 (2008-08-25) –
13 April 2012 (2012-04-13)


In its first season, Anna Polauke is extremely shy. In front of strange and important people, she can't utter a single word or simply starts to stutter. She works at her mother's restaurant Goldelse (Golden Elisabeth), dreaming about working at the advertising agency Broda & Broda.

Because of her impediment, her job interview ends up being a disaster. Also, she suffers from her stepfather Armin and her half-sister Katja. Armin is annoyed, because Anna still loves her missing father overall, Katja hates Anna realizing that she isn't as intelligent as Anna.

When Anna meets Jonas Broda, junior director of Broda & Broda, she just wants only one thing: To work at the advertising agency as soon as possible and to be around Jonas.

But her halfsister Katja steals Anna's idea for a campaign for a perfume and gets a job at Broda & Broda. Anna manages to get a job as a runner at Broda & Broda - and without her creative ideas, Katja would lose her job at Broda & Broda. She wins Jonas for herself, while Anna is still seen as a talentless runner.

The first season (episode 1–311) revolved around Anna and Jonas. Jeanette Biedermann (Anna) took a break from the show, to focus on her music career, with her new album (Undress to the Beat). Due to its ratings success, Sat.1 ordered more episodes. Since its launch, the telenovela had four seasons (consecutively). Each season would focus on the protagonist (not necessarily Anna) and their "love". The second season was mainly about Mia and Alexander (episode 312–564). Third season (with Jeanette Biedermann's return to the show) centered on Anna with Tom and Enrique (episode 565–798). Fourth and final season (episode 799–926) is with Nina and Luca.


Main actorsEdit

Actor Role Episodes Years
Jeanette Biedermann Anna Lanford, née Polauke, widowed Broda 1–385
Heike Jonca Susanne Polauke 1–926 2008–2012
Rainer Will Armin Müller 1–337 2008–2009
Karolina Lodyga Katja von der Recke, née Polauke, divorced Broda 1–350
Mathieu Carrière Robert Broda † 1–154 2008–2009
Lars Löllmann Gerrit Broda † 1–319 2008–2009
Barbara Lanz Maja Roth 1–475 2008–2010
Franziska Matthus Natascha Broda 1–926 2008–2012
Roy Peter Link [de] Jonas Broda † 1–385
Maja Maneiro [de] Paloma Vegaz, née Greco 1–926 2008–2012
Mike Adler Jannick Juncker 1–181 2008–2009
Sebastian König Maik Majewski 1–926 2008´–2012
Karin Kienzer Stefanie "Steffi" Hauschke 1–926 2008–2012
Alexander Klaws Lars Hauschke 2–428 2008–2010
Jil Funke Lily Rüssmann, divorced Hauschke 16–732 2008–2011
Wolfgang Wagner Ingo Polauke aka Ulrich Hartmann 40–115
Tanja Wenzel Annett Darcy † 100–122
Peter Günther Georg Sander 182–281 2009
Paul T. Grasshoff Alexander "Alex" Zeiss 190–565 2009–2010
Robert Jarczyk Richard Darcy † 261–513 2009–2010
Bernhard Bozian Jonathan "Jojo" Maschke 273–926 2009–2012
Josephine Schmidt Mia Zeiss, née Maschke 293–565 2009–2010
Lee Rychter David Darcy, adopted, né Seidel 303–742 2009–2011
Fiona Erdmann Jessica Kramer 348–632 2010–2011
Joanna Schürmer Brigitte Galifianakis 398–495 2010
Bo Hansen Julian Freund 412–563 2010
Jacob Weigert Enrique Vegaz aka Toni Behrmann 432–548
Patrick Kalupa Tom Lanford 556–869 2010–2012
Peter Windhofer Steve Welder † 561–644 2010–2011
Sarah Mühlhause Carla Rhonstedt, née Lindenberg 564–926 2010–2012
Chris Gebert Jürgen "Virgin" Hilgendiek 566–926 2010–2012
Klaus-Dieter Klebsch Bruno Lanford 576–926 2010–2012
Wanda Worch Isabella "Paule" Lanford 588–926 2010–2012
Lilli Hollunder Jasmin Al Sharif 598–926 2010–2012
Larissa Marolt Maxi König 630–758 2011
Iris Shala Michelle "Minni" Herrmann 745–926 2011–2012
Maria Wedig Nina Benzoni, née Hinze 769–926 2011–2012
Frederic Böhle Kai Kosmar 772–926 2011–2012
Manuel Cortez Luca Benzoni 778–926 2011–2012
Kasia Borek Olivia "Liv" Kosmar 805–926 2011–2012
Frank Ziegler Chris Doppler 850–926 2011–2012
Björn Bugri Nick Majewski 859–926 2012


  Austria Anna und die Liebe ORF eins 25 August 2008 13 April 2012 Monday to Friday
  Croatia Ana Doma TV 3 January 2011 23 December 2011 Monday to Friday
  Germany Anna und die Liebe Sat.1 25 August 2008 13 April 2012 Monday to Friday
  Hungary Szerelmes Anna TV2 2 January 2013 Monday to Friday

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