Ankara Atatürk High School

Ankara Atatürk High School (Turkish: Ankara Atatürk Lisesi), is an Anatolian High School located near Sıhhiye district of Çankaya, Ankara.

Ankara Atatürk High School
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Coordinates39°55′36″N 32°51′05″E / 39.926757°N 32.851517°E / 39.926757; 32.851517Coordinates: 39°55′36″N 32°51′05″E / 39.926757°N 32.851517°E / 39.926757; 32.851517
MottoHigh School Bringing World Languages Together
PrincipalAdil Yaman


Ankara Atatürk Lisesi was first established in 1886 as Ankara İdadisi.[1] The school changed its name several times throughout its history: it was known as Ankara İdadisi (1886–1908), Ankara Sultanisi (1908–24), Ankara Erkek Lisesi (1924–38), and Ankara Atatürk Lisesi (1938–present). It is also known by the name "Taş Mektep".[citation needed]

The school was rebuilt in 1937–38 by the German architects Bruno Taut[2] and Franz Hillinger.[3]

The high school selects its students with the High School Entry System(LGS).

Ankara Boys' High School (Turkish: Ankara Erkek Lisesi)

Ankara Atatürk High School


The high school is considered by the local press as an alma mater of Turkish leaders.[1]

Among its alumni are:


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