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Anila or Anil (Sanskrit: अनिल anila "wind") is one of the Vasus in Hinduism, gods of the elements of the cosmos. He is equated with the wind god Vāyu, Anil being understood as the name normally used for Vāyu when numbered among the Vasus.[1]

God of Wind


  1. ^ Gaṅgā Rām Garg -Encyclopaedia of the Hindu World 1992 - Page 479 " Anila [1] See Anila Vatyayana. Anila [2] Synonym of Visnu (Mb. Anu. 149.38). Anila [3] Synonym of Siva (Mb. Anu. 149.100). Anila [4] The god of wind: Vayu (q.v.). Anila [5] The 'immortal air', to which at death mortal breath returns, as the body burns to ..... Anila [7] Fifth of the Asta (8) Vasus. His father was Dharma and mother Svasa. Anila's wife was Siva, by whom he had two sons: Manojava and Avijnanagati ... 1.15.110-15). He attended Skanda's investiture. See Vasu."