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Andrew Mueller is an Australian-born, London-based journalist and author. He is a contributing editor at Monocle, and also regularly writes for The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, The Financial Times, Esquire, The Guardian, Arena, The Times, Uncut, High Life, Harper's Bazaar, New Humanist, The Quietus, eMusic, and He is the author of "Rock & Hard Places", "I Wouldn't Start From Here", "It's Too Late To Die Young Now", and was a contributing editor to the fifth edition of Robert Young Pelton's "The World's Most Dangerous Places". He was Reviews Editor for Melody Maker 1991 to 1993.

Andrew Mueller was quoted in Richard Dawkins' book, The God Delusion:

The journalist Andrew Mueller is of the opinion that pledging yourself to any particular religion 'is no more or less weird than choosing to believe that the world is rhombus-shaped, and borne through the cosmos in the pincers of two enormous green lobsters called Esmerelda and Keith.'

He was recently made a Distinguished Supporter of Humanists UK. He is also the frontman of UK-based band The Blazing Zoos, whose debut album, "I'll Leave Quietly", was released in 2010.


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