Ancient inscriptions in Somalia

Encyclopedias from ca. 1900 note that ancient tombs, pyramidal structures, ruined towns, and stone walls found in Somalia, such as the Wargaade Wall, are evidence of an old civilization in the Somali peninsula that predates Islam.[1]

In an 1878 report to the Royal Geographical Society of Great Britain, Johann Maria Hildebrandt noted upon visiting the area that "we know from ancient authors that these districts, at present so desert, were formerly populous and civilised[...] I also discovered ancient ruins and rock-inscriptions both in pictures and characters[...] These have hitherto not been deciphered."[2]


Archaeological sites where ancient inscriptions have been found on cave paintings include Godka Xararka in Las Anod District, Qubiyaaley in Las Anod District, Hilayo in Las Khoray District, Karin Heeggane in Las Khoray District, and Dhalanle in Las Khoray District.[3]

According to the Ministry of Information and National Guidance of Somalia, inscriptions can be found on various old Taalo Tiiriyaad structures. These are enormous stone mounds found especially in northeastern Somalia. Among the main sites where these Taalo are located are Xabaalo Ambiyad in Alula District, Baar Madhere in Beledweyne District, and Harti Yimid in Las Anod District.[3]

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