Amy Chan

Amy Chan Sau-man (陳秀雯) is a Hong Kong actress and Cantopop singer, notable for starring in the File of Justice TV franchise in the 1990s. She is also the elder sister of actress Charine Chan (陳加玲).

Amy Chan Sau-man
Chan in 2019
Born (1962-01-07) 7 January 1962 (age 59)
Hong Kong
OccupationActress, singer
Years active1979–present
AwardsATV Best Actress
1996 1997
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese陳秀雯
Simplified Chinese陈秀雯



Year Title Role Notes
1983 The Shy Boy (怕醜仔) Green Sleeve
1985 Carry On Doctors and Nurses (天使出更) Fang Xiaomin
1995 The World of Treasure (富貴人間)


Year Title Role Notes
1979 Chameleon II (新變色龍)
1980 Gone with the Wind (浮生六劫) Ng Sze-wah
1980 Love Story 1980 (驟雨中的陽光)
1980 The Dragon Sword (天龍神劍)
1981 Tai Chi Master II (遊俠張三豐)
1981 Four Couples (對對糊)
1982 The Green Dragon Conspiracy (琥珀青龍)
1982 The Conqueror (雄霸天下)
1982 Ba Jin's Trilogy (家春秋)
1986 Drama (達摩)
1990 It Runs in the Family (孖仔孖心肝)
1990 Silken Hands (自梳女)
1991 Land of Glory (情陷特區)
1991 Away of Justice (人海驕陽)
1991 The Survivor (藍色風暴)
1992 Love and Marriage (屬雞的男人)
1992 File of Justice (壹號皇庭) Michelle Ting Yau
1993 Racing Peak (馬場大亨)
1993 The Partner (怒火羔羊)
1993 File of Justice II (壹號皇庭II) Michelle Ting Yau
1993 For Home's Sake (居者冇其屋)
1993 Folk Sergeant (妙探出更)
1994 Fate of the Clairvoyant (再見亦是老婆) Yuen Pui-pui
1994 File of Justice III (壹號皇庭III) Michelle Ting Yau
1995 Forty Something (男人四十一頭家)
1995 Hand of Hope (邊緣故事)
1995 File of Justice IV (壹號皇庭IV) Michelle Ting Yau
1995 The Fist of Law (大捕快)
1995 The Unexpected (一切從失蹤開始)
1996 The Good Old Days (再見艷陽天) Tse Sau-hau
1997 Fated Love (天長地久) Rong Caiyue
1998 The Heroine of the Yangs I (穆桂英之大破天門陣) Mu Guiying
1998 The Heroine of the Yangs II (穆桂英之十二寡婦征西) Mu Guiying
2000 Anything But Him (你想的愛) Le Luo
2003 Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story (倩女幽魂) Blue Demon
2003 Love in a Miracle (愛在有情天) Ruan Manqing
2006 The Young Warriors (少年楊家將) She Saihua
2009 Love in Trouble Time (風雲歲月) Maan Siu-zan
2010 A Weaver on the Horizon (天涯織女) Rong Xiuman
2010 The Men of Justice (法網群英) Maggie Lam Mei-ki
2019 Limited Education

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