The Good Old Days (Hong Kong TV series)

The Good Old Days (再見艷陽天) was a television drama produced by Hong Kong broadcaster Asia Television in 1996. It was first aired from 15 April 1996 to 20 September 1996.

The Good Old Days
The Good Old Days - 再見艷陽天.jpg
StarringAmy Chan
Steve Ma
Sheren Tang
Gilbert Lam
Maggie Siu
Kiki Sheung
Vincent Lam
Opening themeGlorious Sun (艷陽) by
Amy Chan
Ending themeBehind All Women by
Amy Chan
Country of originHong Kong
Original languageCantonese
No. of episodes105
ProducerYeung Siu Hung (also director)
Running time45 minutes (approx.)
Original networkATV
Original release1996 (1996)


The drama series took place around the days of the Nationalists' Republic of China, and also Warlord Era and World War II. The era itself was considered as the most turbulent period in China's modern history.

It depicts how the three women (Sau Hau, Man Fung and Ding Man) in the story strive for their own way of living during China's most turbulent era.


Tse Family

Fong Family

  • Paul Chun as Fong Sai Fan
  • Nam Hung as Elder Mother (Ho Sang's mother, deceased due to illness. Fong Sai Fan's 1st wife)
  • Bao Hei Jing as Yim Ha (Ho Man's mother, Fong Sai Fan's 2nd wife)
  • Kiki Sheung as Shek Pui Pui (Fong Sai Fan's 3rd Wife)
  • Steve Ma as Fong Ho Sang (Fong's eldest son with his first wife)
  • Gilbert Lam as Fong Ho Man

Cheung Family

  • Tam Bing Man as Man Fung's father
  • Ng Yuen Yee as Man Fung's mother (also served as Fong Family as head of servant. Ho Sang's mother in-law.)
  • Sheren Tang as Cheung Man Fung (Ho Sang's 2nd wife, later divorced and marries Wai Sai Bong)

Other cast