Amazonas before the Inca Empire

The present-day Department of Amazonas in Peru, occupying part of the western Amazon basin, carries evidence of human cultures predating the Inca Empire.


Prehistoric evidence on rocky walls includes the rock paintings of Chiñuña-Yamón and Limones-Calpón in the province of Utcubamba. Some of these pictorial samples were made by people who had a hunting economy six to seven thousand years ago.

By the time the Peruvian civilization was already formed, there appeared a type of ceramics mainly identified in Bagua Province.


There are many architectural remains from the Chachapoya culture, some of which are Kuelap, Gran Vilaya, Cerro Olán, Purum Llaqta, Cheto, and Gran Pajatén. All of these structures appear to be related, but their age and order of construction are unknown.

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