Amaravathi (2009 film)

Amaravathi is a 2009 Indian Telugu-language thriller film written and directed by Ravi Babu. The film's lead actors included Sneha, Bhumika Chawla, and Ravi Babu. Sindhura Gadde and Taraka Ratna played supporting roles.[2] The film was released on 3 December 2009 to positive reviews. It was remake of 2002 South Korean film H.

Amaravathi Movie Poster.jpg
Directed byRavi Babu
Written byRavi Babu, Nivas (dialogues)[1]
Produced byV. Anand Prasad
Bhumika Chawla
Sindhura Gadde
Taraka Ratna
Ravi Babu
CinematographySudhakar Reddy
Music byShekar Chandra
Release date
  • 3 December 2009 (2009-12-03)


A friendship blossoms between Sreenu, the son of a maid servant and Amaravathi the daughter of the landlord in whose house the maid worked. But Sreenu has feelings on Amaravathi and shows his love on her with a few sadistic approaches. One day a Play between the boy and girl infuriates the landlord who kills the maid, slits Sreenu's throat and throws him in a river. Sreenu is saved by a hypnotist who finds him by the river side, restores his life and teaches him hypnosis. In the present day police are baffled by a series of crimes where the sadistic perpetrator was stealing babies from pregnant women, leaving the women bleed to death. Task Force officer Venkat is recalled from a sabbatical and given charge of the case. He solves the case and apprehends the culprit. But the crimes against pregnant women continue with the culprit in jail. Venkat investigates further and finds out that he is Sreenu and he discovered his past. After his treatment Sreenu is attracted to hypnotism and learns from him. Later he decides to win Amaravathi back and tries his hypnotic studies on one of the assistant of the hypnotist. Severe injuries occurs to him. Then he escapes from the clinic and goes back to his village. Then he meets his one of his childhood friends and finds out that she was married and settled in Hyderabad. Then he kills the Landlord through Hypnosis as revenge for separation from Amravathi. Then he goes to Amaravathi's home and observes that Amaravathi is very close with her husband. Unable to bear the closeness of them, Sreenu kills Amaravathi's husband brutally in their bathroom. Later looking at her husband's dead body, she accidentally falls on her foot on the rod which Sreenu used to kill him. Then she falls on the bath tub edge and makes a severe head injury which leads to a miscarriage and she becomes mentally insane. Later she asks him to search her ten children. Sreenu accepts to search and marries her. Now in the present day, Venkat determines the crimes were committed by the task force who worked to catch the culprit by hypnotizing them. By the time Venkat completes his investigation, Sreenu escapes from prison. Venkat deduces that Sreenu wanted a total of ten babies to complete his mission and was one short. Venkat wants to save baby and mother from Sreenu. Venkat discovers that the tenth baby Sreenu wanted was that of his pregnant wife. Sreenu is collecting the ten babies for Amravati. Amaravati has a desire of having everything in tens, wants ten children badly but isn't fit to have children. Therefore, Sreenu kidnaps the daughter of the doctor and blackmails her to plant her fetus in ten women who approach him in hopes of conceiving. After finishing her work he hypnotizes her and makes her commit suicide. Meanwhile, Venkat disappears. His colleagues are shocked to find that Sreenu uses Venkat as his delivery man by hypnotising him. Venkat takes her wife to Sreenu's hideout in the city's outskirts. Sreenu and his trusted aid start to take the baby from her womb. The taskforce arrives on time and makes him normal. After knowing the facts Venkat became furious. A fight ensues between Venkat and Sreenu in which Venkat wins. The taskforce kills the caretaker of Amaravati and takes possession of all babies. Sreenu realizes his guilt and gives a loaded pistol to Amaravati and kills himself through her. Venkat injects an antidote in his wife which prescribed by her personal doctor. The antidote save his wife and baby. His colleague says that technically the babies belong to Amaravati and Sreenu. Venkat objects and orders the babies be given to their mothers. The film ends with Venkat looking at his wife and his wife happily looking at her baby.



2009 - Nandi Award for Best Villain - Taraka Ratna[3]

2009 - Nandi Award for Best Cinematographer - Sudhakar Reddy

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