Alternate Generals II

Alternate Generals (2002) is a collection of alternate history short stories edited by Harry Turtledove.[1][2] The novel includes 13 short stories, including Turtledove's own "Uncle Alf".[3]

Alternate Generals II
First edition
EditorHarry Turtledove
Cover artistDru Blair
CountryUnited States
GenreAlternate history
PublisherBaen Books
Publication date
July 1, 2002
Media typePrint
Preceded byAlternate Generals 
Followed byAlternate Generals III 

The collection was the second in the Alternate General series, with the first Alternate Generals coming out in 1998 while the third Alternate Generals III came out in 2005.


Title Author Scenario
"American Mandate" James Fiscus The United States intervened in the Ottoman Empire's civil war in autumn 1918 shortly after World War I. A year later, the U.S. is sufficiently involved with the League of Nations as to accept a Mandate for Constantinople. A few years afterwards during the 1920s, the U.S. is embroiled in a war as Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's nationalists, flush with success against the Greeks in Anatolia, fight to restore Turkish unity. While the American military believes it is time to withdraw from Turkey, the governor of the mandate and others plan to stay in order to exploit access to oil.
"Southern Strategy" Michael F. Flynn The United States does not get involved in World War I. As a result, the German Empire becomes a dominant world power. Shortly afterwards, Woodrow Wilson's racist policies get extended when his son-in-law William McAdoo gets elected president. Three decades later, Adlai Stevenson travels to Alabama to deal with local politicians and see if there is a way to somehow end the occupation of the American South by German troops from the League of Nations, brought about by black calls for intervention to end racist violence as a result of the genocide-based second civil war.
"Uncle Alf" Harry Turtledove Germany rules over France and Belgium in 1929 after winning World War I after only a few months in 1914 thanks to the Schlieffen Plan. The story is a series of letters from "Uncle Alf" to his niece/lover, Geli Raubal.

Note: This story would later be republished in Harry Turtledove's short story collection Atlantis and Other Places in 2010.

"Horizon" Noreen Doyle King Akenhaten of Egypt pays more attention to the affairs of the Egyptian outer provinces and embarks on a militaristic venture, with Akhenaten's zealotry to promote the Aten carried into Caanan and Syria, unto war with the Hittites.
"Devil's Bargain" Judith Tarr In 1192, King Richard I of England is successful in capturing Jerusalem after making a deal with a "devil", which results in Saladin getting killed by assassins.

Note: This story would later be expanded into a novel by the same author.

"George Patton Slept Here" Roland J. Green George S. Patton's conquest of Italy progresses faster than in real history as a result of his "slapping incident" never happening. With that, American and British troops in Sicily are able to pin down the Nazis and surprise landings and bombings prevents German troops from evacuating Messina at the end of the Sicilian campaign. With Patton remaining in charge of American forces, aggressive planning results in the Allies skipping a crawl up the Italian boot, and instead landings near Civitavecchia result in Rome falling seven months earlier.
"Tarnished Glory" Chris Bunch Instead of being born in 1839, George Armstrong Custer is instead born 36 years later in 1885. As a result, he commands the Third Army in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge.
"Compadres" S.M. Stirling The American territory of annexation following the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848 includes Chihuahua. Decades later, Pancho Villa becomes a Senator of the State of Chihuahua and is later the running mate of Theodore Roosevelt in the 1904 presidential election.
"And the Glory of Them" Susan Shwartz
"Twelve Legions of Angels" Rebecca M. Meluch In 1940, Air Marshal Hugh Dowding was sacked for not ordering more aggressive use of the British air force at Dunkirk. As a result, Nazi Germany is successful with Operation Sea Lion and the United Kingdom is occupied. Two years later in 1942, Dowding's new book on how the Battle of Britain should have been fought causes controversy when it is brought to the attention of Hermann Göring and the occupying forces.
"In the Prison of His Days" Joel Richards In 1916, William Butler Yeats becomes a guerrilla leader in the Easter Rising, only to be captured and imprisoned with John MacBride. The story is told in the prospective of Yeats.
"Labor Relations" Esther Friesner In a mix of magic and myth, Japanese Empress Jingū conquers Korea in 366 AD.
"Empire" William Sanders In 1793, Napoleon Bonaparte flees Corsica by ship and sails to North America and there meets the Aaron Burr. Two decades later, Napoleon is the Emperor of Louisiana with Davy Crockett working for him. However, the army of the Louisiana Empire is nearly used up and the United Kingdom is about to attack and invade New Orleans.

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