Alofi Island

Alofi is an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the French overseas collectivity (collectivité d'outre-mer, or COM) of Wallis and Futuna. Alofi was inhabited until 1840.[1] The highest point on the island is Kolofau. The 3,500 ha island is separated from the larger neighbouring island of Futuna by a 1.7 km channel. Alofi has been recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International for its red-footed booby colony and the vulnerable shy ground dove, as well as for various restricted-range bird species (including crimson-crowned fruit doves, blue-crowned lorikeets, Polynesian wattled honeyeaters, Polynesian trillers, Fiji shrikebills and Polynesian starlings).[2]

Hoorn Islands (Futuna and Alofi) with Alofi Island in the southeast


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  • Cartes institut géographique national (4902F)

Coordinates: 14°21′S 178°02′W / 14.350°S 178.033°W / -14.350; -178.033