The Allentown Cardinals were a minor league baseball team. Affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals, they played in the Class B Interstate League between 1944 and 1952; then in the Class A Eastern League from 1954 to 1956.[1]

Allentown Cardinals
Minor league affiliations
Previous classes
  • Class A (1954-1956)
  • Class B (1944-1952)
LeagueEastern League
Interstate League
Major league affiliations
Previous teamsSt. Louis Cardinals
Minor league titles
League titles 1955, Eastern League
Team data
Previous parks
Breadon Field
40°37′47″N 075°29′00″W / 40.62972°N 75.48333°W / 40.62972; -75.48333
Breadon Field, looking south to north along the first base line, about 1960. Built in 1948, the field was the home of the Allentown Cardinals until their demise in 1956. The press box is above the roof over the stands.
An 1950 Allentown Cardinals program
An 1956 Allentown Cardinals program

Allentown had joined the Interstate League in 1939, with the maiden team known as the Dukes. From 1940 through 1943, the club was nicknamed the Allentown Wings and began its affiliation with the Cardinals in 1942.[1]

The Cardinals played at Fairview Field until 1948.[2] In 1949, the team began play at the newly built Breadon Field, a steel and concrete stadium that seated 5,000 fans, which was located just north of the city in Whitehall Township.[3] Poor attendance led to the teams demise after the 1956 season.

Seasons edit

  • Interstate League (Class B)
Year Record Finish
1944 77-62 1st
1945 68-71 4th
1946 69-70 4th
1947 71-67 3rd
1948 73-65 5th
1949 87-52 1st
1950 70-67 5th
1951 91-47 2nd
1952 82-57 2nd

Did not play in 1953 season

  • Eastern League (Class A)
Year Record Finish
1954 66-74 6th
1955 78-60 2nd
1956 70-67 4th

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