Alivaria Brewery

Olivaria brewery (also known as Olivaria or Alivaria, Belarusian: ААТ Піўзавод Аліварыя) is one of the oldest breweries in Belarus, and is the oldest of presently existent breweries in the country.[2] It was founded in 1864 in Minsk. The brewery has a 29% market share in the beer market in Belarus, and its primary product, Alivaria-brand beer has a market share of around 18%.[1] Production increased by 43% in 2008,[2] and in 2011, the brewery was in third place in the market share of beer in Belarus.[3]

Olivaria Brewery
LocationBelarus Olivaria Brewery, Republic of Belarus, 220002, Minsk Kiseleva str., 30
Employees580 [1]
Active beers
Name Type
Data 1864
On Ice
Extra Russian: Экстра
non-alcoholic Russian: Безалкогольное
Troickoe Russian: Троицкое
Gold Russian: Золотое
Strong Russian: Крепкое
Ten Russian: Десятка
Brovar light Russian: Бровар лёгкое
Brovar classic Russian: Бровар классическое
Brovar strong Russian: Бровар крепкое
Alivaria porter Russian: Аливария Портер
Seasonal beers
Name Type
Olivaria X-mas Russian: Аливария рождественское
Olivaria Brewery buildings

As of May 2015, Carlsberg Group holds 67.8% of shares in the brewery, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development holds 21% of shares.[1][3] Remaining shares are owned by various individuals.[3] European Bank for Reconstruction and Development financed the brewery to assist in its expansion and modernization.[4]


It began operations on January 29, 1864 in Minsk.[1][2] The brewery was nationalized in 1917, but become a joint stock company in 1994.


Olivaria Brewery's primary product is Alivaria-brand beer, which has a market share of around 18% in Belarus.[1]

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