Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park

Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park (traditional Chinese: 阿里山森林鐵路車庫園區; simplified Chinese: 阿里山森林铁路车库园区; pinyin: Ālǐshān Sēnlín Tiělù Chēkù Yuánqū) is a railway workshop of Alishan Forest Railway in East District, Chiayi City, Taiwan.

Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park
Alishan Forest Railway Garage Park 阿里山森林鐵路車庫園區 - panoramio.jpg
Alternative namesChiayi Garage Park[1]
General information
Typerailway workshop
LocationEast, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Coordinates23°29′08.7″N 120°27′07.4″E / 23.485750°N 120.452056°E / 23.485750; 120.452056Coordinates: 23°29′08.7″N 120°27′07.4″E / 23.485750°N 120.452056°E / 23.485750; 120.452056


The park consists of a garage and reparation facility.[2] It displays various display of trains from steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger cars and freight cars.[3]


The workshop is accessible within walking distance southwest of Beiman Station of Alishan Forest Railway.

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